Corporate Vision
To build a respectable tooling company, recognized by customers, employees and society.
To provide a good platform for employees to create quality life, achieving personal values.

Corporate Philosophy
Team: We work as a team
Fairness: We care about every employee, and they can enjoy fair chances to develop.
Innovation: We are concentrated to innovation which means a lot to clients and our company. Everything is possible if you can imagine.
Efficiency: Efficiency is what we pursue.
Profession: As a professional company, we are trying to provide professional solutions and products to clients.
Quality: Quality is essential to an enterprise, that’s the most important thing for business and cooperation.

Corporate Core Values 
Customer first, responsible and integrity, solidarity cooperation, hard work, Innovation, be prepared. 
Customer first
Always adhere to the customer as the center, customers are god, Continue to meet customer demand, Continuing to create greater value for customers, is the direction of our work and measure the judgment standard of value.
Responsible and Integrity
Always adhere to the Business Ethics, trustworthy business, said and done, keep our promise, to win the trust of customers in good faith.
Solidarity cooperation
Through thick and thin, share weal or woe, sharing and mutual assistance, good at sharing and cooperation with others, abandon the doctrine of individuals and small groups, we help each other, and shares success together!
Hard work
GST person cannot forget that we gradually developed mainly relying on the spirit of hard work, we are always need this spirit no matter in the past, now, and the near future.
Continuous improvement and innovation, to adapt to the complex and volatile external environment and sustainable development, keep initiative at all times, go upstream, to reach higher goals.
Be prepared
GST person should always have a sense of crisis, in market competition; the difficulty is always with hope, risks always coexist with opportunities, Always with taking care, diligent thinking, to adapt to changes in the external market environment at any time.

GST New Year Party

GST Team Building


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