Q1: What software do you use & what type of files can you accept?
All strip layout and die design are done in 3D.
With our CAD systems we can accept following files:
STP, CATIA, IGS, PRT, STP, X_T, UG/CATIA/Solidworks Files, DWG, DXF, etc.
Q2: How soon can we get a quotation?
We normally forward quotation within one working day after your RFQs. For big package, it takes longer time but no later than 2 working days after receiving RFQs.  
Q3: How many staff in your company?
We have 120 employees, including 25 engineering staff; 23 sales & project management staff; 25 manufacturing staff, 40 tool makers, 7 administrative staff.
Q4: How is your tooling capacity?
We can build progressive tooling, transfer tooling, tandem tooling with length from 1 meter upto 5 meters, and press tonnage from 160T upto 1000T. Today, we have annual capacity and flexibility to build 300 sets of stamping dies.
Q5: How about the tool making lead time ?
It depends on the tool size and complexity. Normally it takes 8 weeks for T1 for a medium size tool.
Q6: What kind of tools do you mainly make?
We can build progressive tooling, transfer tooling, and tandem tooling, mainly for automotive parts, in addition with a small portion for home appliances and other equipment.
Q7: Do you build stamping dies with casting type construction?
A2: Yes. We build stamping dies both in steel type and casting type construction.
Q8: What components are used in the tool build and will we be able to get replacement parts in the U.S.?
We can use any type of standard components appointed by customer or popular in the market. Such as Danly guide pin and bushings, Kaller/ Dadco/ Danly gas cylinders, Danly / Misumi Ball-lock. Standard components can provide easy maintenance.
Q9: Which product material can be applied to your stamping tooling?
We are specialized in producing stamping die with the following product materials:
Cold rolled steel
Hot rolled steel
High strength low alloy, HSLA
Stainless steel
Q10: Who will be our contact during the tool build?
Once you have placed a purchase order, in addition to the service by Sales Representative, GOLD STAR TOOL will assign a Project Engineer to manage the project. Once assigned, he/she will contact you to verify part design and tooling specifications. He/She will communicate with you on tool design, engineering changes and will supply you with weekly progress reports and periodic statement photos. It is both the Project Engineer & the Sales Representative who will be responsible for all communications.
Q11: Where does the tool sampled?
We sample all tools in China prior to shipment. The tools will be run 300 pieces samples under production conditions. We will select random samples during the run and provide complete first inspection reports to you alone with the sample parts. These samples are shipped to you via air for your approval. Once the samples are approved we will then prepare the tools for shipments.
Q12: How do you pack the stamping tooling?
A9: We pack the stamping tooling with wooden box.
There are 3 main operation steps.
First Step: We daub some rust preventive oil on the tool.
Second step: We pack the tool with thin plastic film to avoid moisture.
Third step: We put this plastic film packed tool in a wooden box, and fix it avoid any movement.
Q13: Can you deliver the stamping tool or metal stamping to our factory?
A14: Yes, We have cooperated with many international logistics companies for years. We can do any trade term you prefer, for example FOB, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc. And we have full experience to manage the delivery to the client's factory or appointed warehouse.
Q14: What about warranty?
Should there be a problem with one of our tools we will work with a shop of your choice to get you up and resume production as soon as possible at our expense. Stamping tools are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for 1,000,000 hits or a period of one year.
Q15: Can we visit your facilities?
Yes, we encourage you to do so at any time. Welcome your visit and we will assist with any transportation arrangements.


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